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martedì 15 novembre 2011

Jazz? Count Basie and Tickle Toe, Axel Kühn with Thilo Wolf Big Band

Alyn Shipton, Jazz Library and Count Basie, Tickle Toe, from Count Basie Story - page.

Tickle Toe
Axel Kühn | Myspace Music Videos

A video with Axel Kühn solo on Tickle Toe with Thilo Wolf Big Band.
Tuesday November 15, 2011
On the counter The Count Basie Story, Blue Note with: Broadway, Down For Double, Lester Leaps, Topsy, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Taps Miller, Shorty George, Doggin' Around, Avenue C, Jive At Five, Swingin' The Blues, Sent For You Yesterday, Blue And Sentimental, Time Out, 9:20 Special, Red Bank Boogie, Every Tub, Dickie's Dream and Texas Shuffle.

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