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martedì 7 agosto 2012

The soundtrack of "The Great Gatsby" by Nelson Riddle

I have found that the score of this movie include the following tracks:

What'll I Do; The Sheik Of Araby; Tom And Myrtle; Five Foot Two; Eyes Of Blue; Jordan's Tango; Who? I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston; A Long Time Ago; Yes, Sir, That's my Baby; We've Met Before; Whispering; Charleston; It Had To Be You; Daisy (What'll I Do); When You And I Were Seventeen; Myrtle's Dead; Alice Blue Gown; Daisy's Tango; My Favorite Beau; Kitten On The Keys; Beale Street Blues; The Ring; Summer's Almost Over; What'll I Do; Ain't We Got Fun.

@ CMiraBooks - I hope to write sooner or later about Francis Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby".

 Tuesday August 7, 2012
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